Establishing a foundation for design in Words with Friends, unifying the experience for millions.

One of the largest efforts I took on as Design Lead on Words with Friends was a cross-platform standardization of the user interface. Four different releases for iOS, Android Phone / Tablet, Facebook Apps, Nook, and Kindle were all executed by different teams at different points in time.

This required building out a great team, enabling them to have a huge impact on one of the company's most popular titles.

UI Standardization

To ensure predictable development, it was essential to have a UI constructs which all platforms conformed to. This core foundation for new features to be introduced not only helped the Design team, but Management and Product teams as well.

These screens below highlight components of the standardization for Words with Friends. The efforts here reflect using shared components between platforms.

The standardization introduces rule sets to how new features can be integrated and surfaced via constructs like the menu system.

This predictability in the information architecture allows us to spend less time trying to reinvent the wheel when attempting to expand the feature set of the title.

Monetization Features

The first large features in Words With Friends I lobbied for was a suite of for-pay game add-ons. Monetization being a core focus of the longevity of the title at the time.

Ranging from actual gameplay modifiers to just experience improvements, the concepts hoped to attract a wide array of potential buyers.

Visual Design Exploration

Having lived with the design language of the title for over a year, I looked at where to head if we felt comfortable giving it a complete visual face-lift.

We believed the refresh will have an impact as mobile users can be very aware of the staleness of a product.