Crafting the brand and interface for Unnumbered Sparks, a large scale interactive sculpture.

While working on the Google Data Arts Team, Aaron Koblin partnered with Studio Echelman to develop an extremely large interactive sculpture for TED 2014 in Vancouver, BC. The monumental aerial sculpture spanned 745 feet between the 24-story Fairmont Waterfront and the Vancouver Convention Center.

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I was responsible for developing the mobile interface that crowd participants utilized to "paint" on the sculpture. In addition, I made the project website in Polymer and animated the logo with two.js.

Interactive Component

Rendering Concept

The interactive component was built with Polymer, Web Components, WebGL, Web Audio, WebSockets, and Go.

Interaction Example

Branding & Website

At night, the sculpture came to life as thousands of visitors were able to choreograph the lighting in real time using physical gestures on their mobile devices. Vivid beams of light were projected on a massive scale as the result of small movements on spectators’ phones.