Creative Direction of THRED. A mobile platform for making, discovering, and interacting with visual ideas.

As Creative Director, I was responsible for managing the Design and Content teams. Planning the product roadmap with team leads and delegating tasks to my direct reports.

I joined the team to pivot the app prior to launch. Refocusing it from a standalone creation and reflection experience to a social network geared on sharing visual ideas.

What is THRED?

Interface Design

Motion & Interaction

Above are some examples of using THRED. Being a very feature rich platform, we had to be very careful with the interaction and motion paradigms displayed the user.

Below are some prototype animations for taking core actions on a piece of user generated content.


Constructing an experience is part of what I love to do. In addition to developing THRED's look and feel I also designed and developed the company website and web content viewer. I also created CMS tools for in-app content publishing.

Above is an example of how a someone who hasn't installed THRED might come across a piece of a content shared to Facebook. This example takes the user from Facebook into a response web based viewer to imitated the native experience.