Designing and developing a unique landing experience for Gifpop!, a new cultural artifact.

When your friends ask you to design the new landing experience for their super cool product, you just have to say yes. Gifpop! is a printing service for GIFs. Up to 10 frames can be turned into a Lenticular print that expresses the magic of GIFs in the real world.

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I wanted to create something that matched the impact of the physical product. I applied animated backgrounds that responded to scroll amount and direction. As you traverse through the page, various section backgrounds loop through frame animations at a speed and direction based on the scroll inertia.

In addition to designing and building a lovely experience to convey what Gifpops are, I also created the content strategy for the page. Focusing on the steps on how a user orders the product and showing a real life scenario.

The site was built in a sandbox and then later configured to work with Shopify. The page is mobile responsive and works as designed across most devices.